What happens to a New Muslim in NZ?

A new revert typically faces challenges from his family and close community that pushes him away from Islam in many cases.
Despite the big Daawa efforts happening in 6 locations across New Zealand every week which resulted in hundreds of Shahadas, yet sometimes they get kicked out of their homes, lose their jobs, face great trials and are are in real danger of losing their faith and giving up, unless we stand by their side and offer them the support they need since day one.

What do we do?

We offer the revert a ‘Buddy‘ or a close friend who guides him through his journey since his first day into Islam.
The ‘Buddy‘ helps him strengthen his Shahada and understand the pillars and basics of Islam and engaging him to the Masjid and community; beside handling his own personal challenges whether social, psychological or financial needs as they arouse.

We give a free periodic “Guide to Islam” workshop to teach what everyone needs to know about Islam from scratch in 2 months-time, it’s open for new reverts, their non-Muslim friends and family beside any Muslim who wants to strengthen his faith.

We give gift packs for Reverts with their basic necessities, books, courses whenever needed beside encouraging gifts.